Tail Spend Management

Outsourcing... and focus on your core business

Outsource your tail spend

You probably outsource the majority of the purchase revenue to a limited number of suppliers. But Tail Spend involves many small orders with an average low order value from many different suppliers. This often means that your costs per order at your purchasing department and financial administration are far too high. ILEXYS lowers these costs for you.

How we do that

Our solution for the Tail Spend consists of the following steps:

  1. We analyze and determine the size of the Tail Spend together.
  2. You place your quote request in our order app and you can quickly and clearly see in the ILEXYS order system which orders have been placed for you.
  3. We look for the best prices for your organization.
  4. We will then prepare a suitable offer for you.
  5. Only after your personal agreement do we order and pay for the articles, after which they are delivered to you.
  6. You will receive one invoice for all orders placed in a certain period.
  7. We charge a (low) percentage surcharge on the purchase costs.
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Your advantage

We reduce your order processing by up to 80%. That's a significant change. We achieve this by reducing invoice processing to 98% and saving on C and D goods. This way, your purchasing department can fully focus on the larger spend of A and B goods. Because you no longer have to divide the focus, your organization gains benefits in every area.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, ILEXYS has a complete Purchasing platform in which we arrange everything for the customer from request to payment and back service, working very efficiently and customer-friendly.

ILEXYS is also unique in this regard, we will always leave our customers free in their choices, we always make a proposal, possibly with alternatives, from which the customer can make his own choice. Outsource, but still keep the steering wheel in your own hands.

We are open to any form of cooperation that a customer wants to enter into, but the most ideal solution is to outsource indirect purchasing, both NPR and Tail Spend, to ILEXYS, but then link our purchasing platform to your ERP system. With a link, both the customer and ILEXYS have 100%
included the same purchasing data in their systems, but ILEXYS does the work.

In this way, you always have all data included in your own purchasing system, even if you do not want to continue with us. That is why you are free to cancel the cooperation with us at any time.

Shift your focus

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