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i-APP purchasing portal

efficient, user-friendly, and complete

With the introduction of our purchasing portal in early 2021, the first part of our purchasing platform was set up. The aim was and is to set up a purchasing portal that:

  • Very user-friendly
  • Contains all purchasing information
  • Includes real-time order information
  • Automatically generates reports
  • An automatic purchasing process provides
  • Double-entry due to a link is no longer necessary
  • Offers various catalog options
  • This has now been fully realized and according to our customers, it works very well.

The i-app purchasing portal is now part of our new UNO SRM purchasing platform where customers can subscribe to multiple services and ILEXYS manages them.

Iapp Portal
Digitaal Afbeelding

The portal works on all hardware, desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

Via our UNO SRM platform and Single Sign-On login, you choose to access the Purchasing Portal or other software packages to which you have a subscription.

Request catalog products or free text orders and we will provide you with the best quotes.

Customers create their quotation requests in the portal (free text or from catalogs) and ILEXYS processes all received requests in its own ERP system Oculus and links all information back to the purchase portal where the customer can easily process the quotation and approve it via internal procedures.

What is unique about our I-app portal?

  1. The portal is always tailor-made for a customer.
  2. All financial coding and approval structures are recorded with the request, our quotation, purchase order, and invoice.
  3. Real-time info about delivery times and changes thereof.
  4. Automatic reports according to customer's wishes.
  5. Supplier catalogs according to customer requirements.
  6. Guaranteed fast processing of requests,  95% within 24 hours.

Camera quote request

For customers where the applicants (e.g. mechanics, planners, and managers) have a smartphone at their disposal and are registered as an applicant, ILEXYS now offers the possibility to request a quote easily and very quickly via mobile phone and to quickly process emergencies:

  • Go to portal.ilexys.com through your browser
  • Log in and fill in the general details
  • Now click on add attachment. You can now easily take a picture of the desired product.
  • Send the request to ILEXYS and we will immediately make a quote
  • The quote will be sent back to the portal to the person who needs to approve the quotation
Mobile Guy

Step 1:

Go to the ILEXYS portal app and fill in the general information.

General Information

Step 2:

Click on the select file button and take a picture of the desired product.

Portaal Foto

Step 3:

Click on "submit request for quotation". ILEXYS will source the request and offers you the best deal.

Submit Request