Project management

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Project management

With our project tool, we can exchange tasks with both customers and suppliers for projects that we define and set up together.

Project members can easily manage tasks so that all members always have the same status and know what still needs to be done.

Easy to use with complete information per project. Incl. GANT graphics.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, ILEXYS has a complete Purchasing platform in which we arrange everything for the customer from request to payment and back service, working very efficiently and customer-friendly.

ILEXYS is also unique in this regard, we will always leave our customers free in their choices, we always make a proposal, possibly with alternatives, from which the customer can make his own choice. Outsource, but still keep the steering wheel in your own hands.

We are open to any form of cooperation that a customer wants to enter into, but the most ideal solution is to outsource indirect purchasing, both NPR and Tail Spend, to ILEXYS, but then link our purchasing platform to your ERP system. With a link, both the customer and ILEXYS have 100%
included the same purchasing data in their systems, but ILEXYS does the work.

In this way, you always have all data included in your own purchasing system, even if you do not want to continue with us. That is why you are free to cancel the cooperation with us at any time.

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