NPR & Facility

Make your indirect purchasing more efficient.

We'll take all your concerns out of your hands

A total purchasing service. That's what we offer you at ILEXYS. We supply the system, the buyers, and the advice. Of course, we take your wishes into account. If you opt for the expertise of ILEXYS, you will save on purchasing, software, and organization costs. That's what we call carefree shopping!

  • Product price decrease: between 5-25%
  • Organizational costs savings: from 50,000 and more
  • System costs reduction: between 10,000 – 100,000

What makes us unique

As an extension of your purchasing department, we are your partner for indirect purchasing. Unlike other purchasing service providers, we are not a trading company, but a service provider with a 100% focus on customer needs. Together we work on the optimal outsourcing of your purchasing needs.

Your wishes are central to us. Through our expertise in the field of indirect purchasing, our new purchasing platform UNO and by working as a purchasing combination, we help customers to drastically reduce purchasing costs. Together we stand stronger!

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NPR & Facility

The purchase of technical products (NPR) and facility goods and services (Facility) is often experienced as a difficult and time-consuming job. You know exactly what is important to you: competitive prices, the right quality, and fast deliveries. But how do you keep an overview? And how
can your products be purchased better and cheaper? We have one answer to all these questions: with ILEXYS.


ILEXYS guides your purchasing organization so that it becomes a well-oiled machine. This not only results in years of savings but also prevents unnecessary downtime of your production process.


Together with you, we ensure that your logistics and household tasks are carried out to your complete satisfaction. We work with performance contracts at a fixed price. That way you won't be
faced with any surprises. ILEXYS uses the ILEXYS Facility Platform for these services. From there we manage all customer contracts and arrange operational management. Request a demo here, so that
you also benefit from our very best rates. You save time and money by using ILEXYS for the organization of your facility services. Together with you, we ensure that your utility installations, logistics, and household tasks are carried out to your complete satisfaction. We work with performance contracts at a fixed price. That way you won't be faced with any surprises.

As of 1-10-2021, ILEXYS entered into a partnership with FacilityXL, enabling us to provide a full package of Facility services and products in the following areas:

  • Telecom
  • Waste processing
  • Supplies & Solutions
  • Mobility
  • HRM
  • Building management

LEXYS uses the ILEXYS Facility Platform for these services, where we manage all customer contracts, but also manage them operationally.
We can guarantee that we can help you efficiently manage your Facility package and reduce costs.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, ILEXYS has a complete Purchasing platform in which we arrange everything for the customer from request to payment and back service, working very efficiently and customer-friendly.

ILEXYS is also unique in this regard, we will always leave our customers free in their choices, we always make a proposal, possibly with alternatives, from which the customer can make his own choice. Outsource, but still keep the steering wheel in your own hands.

We are open to any form of cooperation that a customer wants to enter into, but the most ideal solution is to outsource indirect purchasing, both NPR and Tail Spend, to ILEXYS, but then link our purchasing platform to your ERP system. With a link, both the customer and ILEXYS have 100%
included the same purchasing data in their systems, but ILEXYS does the work.

In this way, you always have all data included in your own purchasing system, even if you do not want to continue with us. That is why you are free to cancel the cooperation with us at any time.

All in one

Enthusiastic about our possibilities? You can reach us quickly and easily via +31 (0)591 239111,, or via the contact form below. We are happy to schedule an appointment with you so that we can show you how we can help your organization save costs in the field of NPR & Facility.