ILEXYS mroshop: customized purchasing support for SMEs

There are really only advantages to purchasing support.


There are really only advantages to purchasing support. After ILEXYS proved to be a professional and reliable partner in outsourcing and warehousing for customers such as Honeywell, Philips, and Essentra over the past ten years, the time was there for the next step: a webshop for customized purchasing support, aimed at SMEs.

Henk van Dijk, director of ILEXYS is enthusiastic about this new concept that offers a wide range of options for purchasing packages for SMEs: 'Purchasing support provides a substantial saving in time,
money and attention, which significantly reduces the costs of purchasing, organization and administration. can be reduced.'


Purchasing Support

‘There are really only advantages to purchasing support. Large companies have already experienced this," explains Henk. “Our customers are guaranteed to save on their purchases and instead of the hassle of a continuous stream of invoices from all individual suppliers, they only receive one invoice from us for the entire purchase. From our outsourcing concept, we can now also let SMEs benefit from the advantages of a low industrial price level with a high degree of service and customer-friendliness. We do not pay attention to whether every order is profitable for us. Our merit is in the
bulk, independent of individual orders. That is our principle. We are also completely transparent to the customer with regard to payments and profit margins, with the online purchasing system always
providing insight.”


From parts and tools to surveillance, catering, and cleaning, or from toilet paper to complete machines, ILEXYS purchases everything needed to run a business. ‘Apart from the raw materials for production, because the customer is much better at that,’ adds Henk. “In principle, we can completely unburden a company in terms of purchasing by taking the total processing from request
to the payment of the suppliers' hands, whereby we always look for articles and services with the best price-quality ratio. It is also possible to link purchasing support to warehouse management, whereby we ensure a constant, optimal stock at the lowest costs.'

“Because every customer is unique in terms of business operations and wishes, we always offer customization in which we take into account the organization, processes, accounting, coding, and standards. We like to invest in a good relationship with the customer, who can count on our knowledge and experience and the guarantee of professional and reliable execution of the services. We never disappoint in that.”