For whom

Specialists in indirect procurement

As a specialist in the field of indirect procurement (NPR / MRO / Facility and Tail-end Spend), ILEXYS has developed over 10 years into a partner with which customers can optimally manage their costs, both in terms of price and organizational level.

Our approach, in which we work as a purchasing combination, allows all customers to benefit from the best deals by bundling all purchasing packages. This form of collaboration, in which we look for the best solutions with the customer, in combination with our NEW and innovative purchasing platform UNO SRM ensures optimal purchasing results for indirect purchasing.

The customer is in control as far as; what (product or service) and who (supplier choice). ILEXYS ensures that you make the best deal and complete the purchasing process perfectly.

We developed the purchasing platform entirely ourselves because of the problems we encountered with the large SRM packages on the market. That is why, based on our more than 40 years of experience, we have built a very user-friendly, efficient, and very cost-effective platform ourselves:

Which customers are in our target group?

  • Organizations without purchasing department
  • Organizations that want to save on working capital
  • Organizations that want to save on internal process costs (admin, invoices, handling)
  • Organizations that want to gain insight into their supplier base and rationalize.
  • Organizations that want to optimize their MRO supply chain (real-time data)
  • Organizations that are looking for an independent partner who thinks along and connects with their processes and purchasing goals

Our platform primarily focuses on the following customer groups:


Private sector:

  • Industrial SMEs with their own Technical Service
  • Facility companies
  • Building industry
  • Multinationals, especially for Tail Spend management
  • Recreation, catering

Public sector:

  • Provinces
  • Municipalities
  • Healthcare
  • Regional water authorities
  • Education

Our approach

Our approach is best suited to companies/institutions that have an indirect purchasing spend of approximately EUR 100K to EUR 10 million. Through this range, we can achieve savings of up to approximately 60% for the customer on organization, price level, and system costs. Interesting isn’t it?