We take care of your entire indirect (NPR) purchase and tailspend.

Complete (digital) purchasing process | Unique own SRM platform | Save on organization, system and price

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NPR & Facility

Do you want to outsource these services? Then avoid obscurity, gain more detailed information about the monthly costs.

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Tail spend management

Choose the best method to process your tail end spend.

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Warehouse management

Optimize stock management of your technical warehouse. Incl. cross-docking, VMI, consignment stock, issuance systems as extra options.

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Contract management

Manage all important contracts in one system, so that you have insight into the status of every contract anytime, anywhere

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Catalog management

Easily manage and order all standard products for your organization. Choose catalogs at a company level, department level, and/or user level.

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P2P optimization

Keep working in your own ERP system via a link with our platform. For example, we exchange all purchasing information and your purchasing process is fully automated.

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Invoice management

Go for creditor administration without worries. ILEXYS manages your purchase invoices and prepares the payment order for you quickly and easily.

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Project management

Maintain insight into all mutual tasks with our project management system by setting up purchasing or sales projects together with ILEXYS.

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The UNO SRM Platform

Manage all the procurement services you need for your indirect procurement through our new UNO SRM platform where you can streamline everything perfectly. UNO SRM offers practical and user-friendly software packages that support all processes and make everything transparent for you.

Here's how it works

You only subscribe to the software packages that are of interest to you. Without obligations and at a fraction of the original license price.

Project management
Project management

With this tool, we communicate with customers and suppliers about joint projects (both purchasing
and sales) and we can exchange tasks for the project.

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ILEXYS I-app 3.0 Purchasing portal where all customers can place and manage their quote requests with ILEXYS.

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Reports at employee and management level about your spending.

Contract management
Contract management

This is where all your contracts are kept and edited in a timely manner for adjustments, renewals, etc.

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Warehouse management
Warehouse management

For the management of your technical warehouse with all possible options.

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Invoice management
Invoice management

Management of all creditors invoices from both ILEXYS and for customers we work with.

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Bekaert Combustion Control

We realized a significant decrease in the number of suppliers and purchase orders. This resulted in year-over-year cost savings on several levels: organization, process, and price.


By optimizing and automating stock management and the purchasing process, we achieved a price saving of 10%. In addition, we supported this customer on location, which allowed us to immediately streamline the entire process.

Tail spend

ILEXYS manages the Tail Spend for several (European) customers and branches.


- customers outsource purchasing to ILEXYS. up to a certain turnover per year per supplier
- customers now have only 1 partner for Tail Spend management and save up to hundreds of
- all customer requests are processed quickly (90% same day) via our portal
- ILEXYS pays the suppliers

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